It’s where natural meets manmade. Where antique personality meets modern design. Hunter is honest and authentic. It is sweet simplicity.

Hunter is Jennifer Monzon and David Ansvananda, two artists who appreciate fine goods and good finds.

Two years ago, stylist-by-day Jennifer, and street culture jewelry designer, David (check out his sweet line called Mathmatiks), set out to create a line of gifts unlike any other, and Hunter was born.

Imagine two people literally pouring love into every piece of jewelry they craft. Imagine giving a gift that’s a feeling, in physical form. That is Hunter.

rose gold elina band + crystal geode. #hunterjewelry #rings


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posted 4/21/14

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for the love of…plants. ceramics. macrame. 

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posted 4/18/14

freshly dipped. our gold plated violet necklaces are back in stock! 

images by hunter.

posted 4/16/14

palace on english embankment. st. petersburg, russia.

posted 4/16/14

ethereal vera wang.

posted 4/13/14

joinery living. 

posted 4/12/14

amethyst crystal table. yes please. 
posted 4/12/14

amethyst crystal table. yes please. 


posted 4/12/14

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hand-crafted beauties by floral islands glassworks.

posted 4/12/14

some faves from this year’s whitney biennial at the whitney museum. (1) tapestry by sheila hicks, (2) painting by etel adnan, (3) pottery by shio kusaka.

images by hunter.

posted 4/11/14

our NEW hand-carved eve cuff bracelets now available online + local brooklyn shops, milly & earl + old hollywood

images by hunter

posted 4/10/14

violet necklace assembly #hunterjewelry #necklaces

rose / celestite / quartz painting by little gems artist, lara may meyerratken.

posted 4/7/14

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